The Calvary Nursery Facility includes beautiful and stimulating indoor and outdoor environments that are thoughtfully designed to facilitate learning and exploration.

Calvary’s primary indoor space is a large well-lit room on the third floor of Calvary Presbyterian Church’s Education Building. The space is designed to allow for the fluid exploration of different learning centers, as well as interaction among different classes, which are grouped by age (from 3 – 5). Each morning, Calvary teachers set up thoughtful learning provocations for children to begin exploring the moment they arrive at school.

The space is a constantly changing reflection of student’s latest work as well as visual inspiration selected by Calvary’s teachers to capture children’s imagination around ideas, themes and concepts being explored in the classroom.

Six distinct classroom areas, an art studio, a reading “nest,” and a dramatic play area are arranged around a large common area that features a cozy reading nook, a writing center, a block and building area, sensory bins, and tables for projects and provocations. The children gather in this common area for weekly music and movement classes.

Calvary’s spacious, sunny rooftop playground features a large play structure, children’s garden, gravel pit, stage, and open space for free play. Teachers regularly introduce outdoor provocations that explore elements such as water, sound, and texture.

Calvary also makes regular use of communal spaces within the Calvary Church for culminating performances, community events, and guest performances such as San Francisco Police Department’s Lion Dancers (for Chinese New Year) and Irish step dancers (for Saint Patrick’s Day).

Children visit the church’s beautiful, intimate chapel once a week for age-appropriate reflection and discussion of kindness and life skills imparted by Calvary Director Deb Anaya.

Calvary is situated in the Fillmore Street shopping district, one block away from Alta Plaza Park. Parents can easily meet for coffee before or after drop-off or pick-up, and children often meet for play dates at Alta Plaza Park after school. The school is directly served by the 22 and 24 MUNI lines, and the 1-California MUNI line is five blocks away. A convenient drop-off lane is provided for children arriving by car, though parents often choose to park and walk their children to school, facilitating a smooth transition and social connections. Calvary’s safe, central location is a key ingredient in creating a close, supportive, and child-centered community among Calvary children and families.