Hello bluebird families!

The bluebirds have been quite the busy birds, as they continue to explore and build their sense of self and confidence. They have been mastering the water pour at snack, performing the “magic” jacket trick and learning how to compromise and respect one another, as they go about their day at school.

This week the bluebirds began an exploration of apples by doing some apple printing and art. We also did an apple taste test, which helped teach them about the variations of color, taste and size of different apples.

Below are bluebirds working hard on tracing the letters of their names and becoming more familiar with their “magic” letter (first letter in their name).

For September’s self portrait, the bluebirds used loose parts such as buttons, corks, bouncy balls and yarn to create a rendition of their face. We have been talking what particular features make up a face, where they are located and their distinct shapes.

Here are the bluebirds exercising their gross motor skills (while also getting their wiggles out) during music class and rooftop play time!

As the school year has progressed, the bluebirds have grown more comfortable playing in the big, communal room during morning free play.

I hope you all have a lovely three day weekend!


Miss Corrine