Hello bluebird families,

This week the bluebirds did an exploration on Fall leaves. We observed the sizes, colors and shapes of different leaves. We talked about why leaves turn from green to hues of red, organge and yellow, and its significance in the turning of seasons!

This week the bluebirds were also interested in creating a class scarecrow inspired by the story, “The little old lady who wasn’t afraid of anything,” by Linda Williams. After reading this story several times and talking about what a scarecrow looks like and what it does, we came up with ideas on how to create our own. We started off by crumpling newspapers and stuffing them into a pair of pants as the legs and created a name, personality and home for our scarecrow! We will continue to construct and decorate our scarecrow when we return!

The bluebirds worked hard to make homemade apple juice for our Calvary Thanksgiving feast.

So much to be thankful for!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation. A big thank you to Amanda Rinkoff for coming in to help with the thanksgiving cooking! I look forward to seeing you all back at Calvary on Monday, Nov. 26th.