Hello bluebird families,

These past two weeks the bluebirds have been doing an exploration on our beautiful city, San Francisco. We talked about the different things that make up our city and what our favorite things to do in San Francisco are. Below, the bluebirds are admiring the beautiful view that we have of our Golden Gate Bridge.

Our mini creation of San Francisco also sparked the dialogue of what each bluebird’s house looks like, its shapes and features.

My house is black and blue. It has 5 windows. Tyler lives Downstairs. He gave me a bumble bee transformer.” – Kenji

“My house is white, blue & green. It has 10 windows, a garage and a white door.” – William M.

“My house has 9 windows with a door. It is my home.” – Jamie 

“My house is a 3-story building behind a tree. My next door neighbor is Leela. It has 20 windows and is white, blue and green.” – Lauren

“My house is a greenish blonde color. It has 3 fences and 41 windows” – Andrew

“My house is grey with 14 windows. It has lots of toys inside the windows.” – Caleb

Rainbow fun!

The bluebirds helped make some wacky green waffles for St. Patrick’s Day!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!