Hello Bluebird Families,

Oh my are the bluebirds growing fast! They have been so excited about knowing, recognizing and writing their “magic letter” (the first letter in their name). This week the bluebirds made magic letter collages, whilst refining their fine motor skills by squeezing (the very stubborn) Elmer’s glue! With the use of the easels, the bluebirds also practiced using simple strokes and lines to help them become more familiar with the structure of each letter while also strengthening their hand muscles. Using the big strokes of the paintbrush helps create muscle memory and builds on the child’s sensory strengths and implicit learning abilities.

The rain never stops us from having fun!!

OR from working on our gross motor development! The bluebirds made their way through different obstacles courses. This helped them practice following through  with multi-step directions, coordination, and gaining control of their bodies.

In the past week, I have observed the bluebirds expanding their play beyond solely their bird classmates. This has been so exciting to watch, as it exhibits major growth in their levels of confidence, comfort and play!

Here are some bluebirds working on their scissor cutting skills and collaborating to make their very own Valentine’s Day mailbox! 

I hope you all have a lovely week off!