Critical Thinking in Preschool

Hello Bluebird Families, 

Welcome to the final blog post of the year. This class of Bluebirds has been exceptional and it will be sad to see to them go.  They have provided us teachers with so much joy, laughter, and fun during this rather isolating and bleak year of COVID.[…]

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Fast February – Bluebird Blog

The Bluebirds made the most of our three weeks of school in February! We had lots to celebrate: Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day and Black History Month. We did our best to make each celebration unique and meaningful.  

We read “Bringing in the New Year” by Grace Lin to learn more about how the Lunar New Year is celebrated around the world […]

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The Power of Play

2021 is here and is flying by! The Bluebirds have been so happy since their return back to school and playing a lot with each other; we will be presenting in our second blog how free play drives their development into new depths of knowledge. What drives a child to play? First of all their interest, it will mirror their internal desires and what they would like to explore. Their inte […]

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The Bluebird Blog is here!

It’s with great joy and pleasure to introduce you to our first Bluebird’s Blog, it is a journey where our students are growing in leaps and bounds: from learning to tie shoes to learning how to spell out their names. This month we have been focusing on recognizing more letters in our names. Due to the season, we are learning about fall and the changes that occur in our environment, w […]

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June 1 – June 3

Theme: Farewell & Happy Summer!

Monday, June 1 

  • 9:00-9:30am Zoom Meeting
  • Topic:  Summer birthday celebration (Ansel & Chloe) & end of year closure 
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