April 2021: Preschool Environmentalists

With spring in full bloom, the Hawks have been busy enjoying all things mother nature, whether they’re inside the classroom or out! Fortunately for us, we’ve witnessed the season’s changes firsthand through our outdoor program. We’ve seen how the trees are now budding with green, wild flowers are emerging in surprising places, and there are more birds out than ever before! These chan […]

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February 2021: Landforms + Waterways

Over the past month I have had the pleasure of getting to know each and every one of your children in the Hawk class and become part of the Hawk team with Sophia and Alison.  Together we’ve dug in the sand, read stories, shared about our families, and connected with each other through play. We’ve learned who’s dad makes the best pancakes, what plants grow at their home in Sonoma, who […]

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Hawks in 2021

Greetings Hawk Families!

2021 has become our joyful new beginning, to more meaningful lessons, cooperative social play with peers, and lots of thematic fun and learning at school.

Students entered January wondering where their classroom had gone, as we transformed our school into a winter wonderland. Hawks learned all about the geography of Antarctica, (we even created our own […]

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Final Schedule: June 1-3

Hawk Schedule: June 1-3

Theme: Graduation


Monday Zoom

Topic: Ana Salgado’s Zoom Meeting
Time: Jun 1, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 787 7333 4749
Password: 9A707t


Please join us for an end of the year Grad week breakfa […]

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 Hawk Schedule 5/25-29

Theme: Celebrate/End of the Year fun! 

Please join us as we celebrate a birthday, have a pajama night and go on a class outdoor scavenger hunt!

Materials for Week: Scissors, paper, markers/crayons or paint




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May 11-May 15

Hawk Schedule 5/11-5/15

Theme: Spring Growth

Materials for Week: Paper/or cardboard pieces, fruit, paint, stick/twig, toilet paper roll, chairs, blanket, q-tip (optional) art tissue paper (optional)

Monday Zoom

Topic: Ana Salgado’s Zoom Meeting
Time: May 1 […]

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May 4 – May 8

Theme: Community and letter Z week


Materials for the week:

paper, glue, scissors, markers/crayons, paper plates, paint, plastic/styrofoam cup or mason jar

This week we will be celebrating members of our community, the letter “z”, and a cultural lesson on Cinco de Mayo ! We will also be continuing to […]

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February for the Hawks

Greetings Hawk families !

February we have been continuing to expand our alphabet knowledge through our weekly workshop with Mrs. Anaya. We have also been working more on our fine motor cutting exercises and comprehension of new vocabulary words we encounter at story time.


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