Final Remote Learning Schedule of the Year!

June 1- 3

Theme: Good by for the Summer



Monday, May 18

 The Owls have been fascinated with the alternative backgrounds on Zoom so I think this should be a ‘Bring a Different Background’ circle.  If your child wants to and it’s okay […]

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Remote Learning Schedule – May 25 – May 29

May 25 – May 29

Theme: Odds and Ends


Parents- Please note that the links for our Zoom Circle on Wednesday and Thursday are different- see below!  Please be sure that you upgrade to Zoom 5.0 by May 30 to attend Zoom activities after that date.


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Owls Remote Learning Schedule 4/27 – 5/1

Hi Owl Parents,
Welcome to our first edition of a weekly schedule for Calvary Owls remote learning.  We have attempted to provide you with everything that you will need to support your child’s remote learning in one place.  As a reminder all of the activities that are outlined below are optional.  You know what you, your child and your family need to support you at this time.  Do wh […]

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Oh, How Much We Have Grown

As I was sitting down with each of the Owls this week to assess their skills in preparation for the next progress report, I was struck with how much progress they have each made and that they have made as a group.

When they started in September, many of them did not recognize their name in print and certainly could not write the letters in their name.  Now they recognize not only […]

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Rain, Snow and Ice

With our rainy weather and the fact that many of the Owls went to the snow, exploring water in its many forms seemed like a natural focus for January.

We explored this theme in a variety of ways.  The Big Room dramatic play area was decked out with ice cycles dangling from the roof and hats, mittens and gloves for keeping warm.  Miss Annette put large chunks of ice in the sensory […]

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Holiday Fun!

Since their return from Thanksgiving break, the Owls have been immersed in preparing for the winter holidays.  The dramatic  play area in the Big Room has been transformed into a train station for the Polar Express.  Everyone has enjoyed taking a turn at being a conductor or ‘selling’ tickets.  The play dough table has been filled with red glittery play dough or ginger scented brown […]

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Lots to be Thankful For

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