Theme- Sea Animals and Sea Creatures (and saying goodbye to our butterflies)

Monday: May 11, 9:30- 10:00- Eagles Zoom Meeting

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-Welcome Song (Language and listening skills, routine, predictability, prepares everyone for our Zoom meeting)

-Caterpillar Journals: Our final entry. I will send a video of myself releasing the butterflies before our Zoom. We will document the butterflies release. (Cognitive, science, documentation, observation, fine motor and number recognition)

-Eagle Share: The children will have the opportunity to share their goodbye wish for the butterflies. We will go over the butterfly life cycle again and discuss where we think the butterflies are now. (Builds listening, language, and communication skills. And, builds self-confidence)

-Song: Five Little Sea Creatures (Listening, counting, rhyming, movement, teamwork )

 -Good Bye Song. (Movement, coordination, fine and gross motor skills. Routine, predictability, prepares everyone for the end of our meeting.)

Project: We have a special guest joining our Zoom class on Tuesday -Mrs. Smith! She misses you all so much. She is very excited to see all of you! I think it would be very nice to make a gratitude drawing for Mrs. Smith. Think about something specific you enjoyed working on with her in the art room. Also, Mrs. Smith worked very hard on the art show that unfortunately we were not able to have. She also made the video of all of you working on your art. You can share your picture with Mrs. Smith on Tuesday. And, we can all thank her for everything she does.

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1:30 Chapel Time with Mrs. Anaya:

DEBORAH ANAYA is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Chapel with Mrs. Anaya
Time: May 4, 2020 01:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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Tuesday: May 12 , 9:30-10:00- Eagles Zoom Meeting

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 -Welcome Song

 -Eagles Share: Share your gratitude drawings with Mrs. Smith and the class. (Communication, speaking and language skills, self-confidence, and social emotional)

-Teacher Share: show and discuss the 3 layers of the ocean. (Cognitive development, science)

-Game: I will describe a sea animal and the class gets to guess what it is. Next, the children take the lead. (Listening, communication, and cognitive)

– Good bye Song

Challenge: Research a sea animal or sea creature that begins with the second letter (the letter next to your magic letter) in your name. Find out: What it eats? What layer of the sea does it live in? Does it travel alone or in a group? (Cognitive, science, inquiry, investigation, letter and sound recognition)

Bonus: Draw a picture of your sea animal or creature

  • 10:00 – 10:30 – FIT Dance

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  • 10:30 – 11:00 – Music with Gayle

Topic: Gayle’s Zoom Music Class – Hawks/Eagles
Time: Tuesdays @ 10:30-10:50
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 Tuesday Facetime Calls: 1:00-2:00 Aarush, Sophia, Lauren, Philip, Caleb


 Wednesday: May 13, 9:30-10:00- Eagles Zoom Meeting
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-Welcome Song

-Eagles Share: You are welcome to share your second letter sea animal. Please share your research with the class. (Language, communication, cognitive)

-Song: Chant and action rhyme, Let’s Make the Motion of the Ocean. (Language, and motor development)

-Story: The Crowd in the Ocean (Cognitive, Language)

-Good Bye Song

 Challenge: Use loose parts (pennies, buttons, beads, goldfish crackers, etc.) to represent the sea animals. (Cognitive, numeracy, counting, one to one correspondence, and problem solving)

1.) A whale ate 4 krill for breakfast, 6 krill for lunch and 10 krill for dinner. How many krill did the whale eat all together?

2.) An octopus ate 4 clams, but then spit out two clams (the clams were not sweet enough for the octopus). How many clams did the octopus swallow?

3.) A clown fish ate 14 small shrimp and 6 pieces of algae. How many pieces of food did the clown fish eat?

Bonus: Make up your own math challenge.

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Thursday: May 14, 9:30 to 10:00- Eagles Zoom Meeting
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 -Welcome Song

– Teacher share: I will show pictures of unusual sea creatures. (Cognitive)

– Game: Sea animal Pictionary. Please have paper and a pen available. (Cognitive, fine motor skills, teamwork, observation)

-Song: Five Little Sea Creatures

-Good Bye Song

Challenge: Use your imagination to make up your own unusual sea creature and draw a picture of it. I can’t wait to see them! (Cognitive, fine motor)


Thursday FaceTime calls: 1:00-2:00  Stella, Jamie, William, Madeline 


 Friday: May 15, No Zoom Meeting

Challenge: Research what sea animals and sea creatures you would find in a coral reef. Draw pictures of what you find.


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Ms. Rocio’s Recorded Story Time:

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“Fluffy the Brave”
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