Dear families,

It has been several weeks since my last blog, so we have a lot to catch up on. First, I would like to say how grateful I am to be part of Calvary and spend my day working with your children and getting to know all of you. Your children amaze me each day with their individual talents and abilities. This week the children have been incredibly patient being cooped up inside all day. The nearby wild fires are an extra reminder of how fortunate we all are. I feel truly blessed and thankful.

Thanksgiving cooking

Sadly, our Thanksgiving feast had to be cancelled but the cooking process was very meaningful.  The Eagles had so much fun chopping Japanese sweet potatoes and digging their hands into a jar of coconut oil to mix with the potatoes. A huge thank you, Marion (Emrik’s mom), for all of the work that went into preparing for our cooking day and cooking with the class. It was an extremely special day. And, the roasted potatoes will be donated and enjoyed by someone less fortunate.


This week the class made placements. The children dipped paper leaves into shaving cream with paint and then scraped it off. This creates a marbleized affect on the paper. Afterwards, the children were able to stick their hands into the shaving cream, which is a great sensory experience and they were able to see what happened when they mixed the paint colors together. The children will be able to bring home their beautiful placemats after the break.



We spent some time in the basement this week since we could not go outside. The Eagles and the Hawks enjoyed playing games such as “duck duck goose”, “doggie, where is my bone” and “freeze dance”. The children also had fun with the parachute and stations.

Alphabet book

Once a week, Mrs. Anaya is teaching the Eagles and the Hawks how to make each letter of the alphabet using their whole body. The children make the movement of drawing the letter while saying the letter and it’s sound out loud. This creates a multisensory experience, using visual, auditory and kinesthetic-motor processing. This method is based on the Slingerland Approach.

The children then write the letter on a very large sheet of paper, practicing the movement they have just learned. On another day, the Eagles draw the letter for their alphabet book to take home at the end of the year. Also, the children paint a picture of something that begins with the letter in their book.

November self-portraits


Book readers and birthday celebrations

Thank you Simon (Otto’s dad) for reading “Horten Hatches the Egg” by Dr. Seuss to our class. The book was a hit!

Thank you Jenny (Sam’s mom) for reading and bringing in a donut cake for Sams birthday celebration!

And thank you, Kristin and Jeff (Will’s parents) for reading and bringing in cupcakes for Wills birthday celebration!

Please enjoy a safe and beautiful Thanksgiving this year. Until next time.


Ms. Amy

(And, a few more photos)