Dear Eagles Families,

The Eagles have been working on their home study as part of their “All About Me” project. The children have been discussing their homes during our meetings, “we have neighbors who live upstairs and downstairs”, “we live at the top of a hill”, “My house is made of bricks” and “my house has a basement”. The Eagles have been drawing pictures of their homes and creating them out of shapes and paper bags. We built a city in our classroom, which we will be adding to over the next weeks by making shops, cars and people. Next week, we will be discussing what makes up a community. We have taken the study further to discuss different types of homes all around the world and the materials they are built with. We have been reading a fabulous book called If You Lived Here, Houses of the World by Giles Laroche. Ask your child to share their favorite home from the book!

March Self-Portraits

This months self-portraits were created with black sharpies and colored pencils. Not only are the monthly self-portraits a helpful assessment tool, they also provide a chance for the children to express themselves through their art. I see so much of each child’s personality in their art. These self-portraits are beautiful examples of their growth and self-expression.

Mindfulness with Ms. Ella

Mindfulness teaches children to tune into their bodies. The Eagles are learning skills to help them be aware of their emotions and physical feelings and learn ways to calm their bodies.

Nature Alphabet

The Eagles are forming the alphabet using twigs. This helps the children in their letter recognition. And, it works their fine motor muscles by squeezing the glue and bending and breaking the sticks.

Fairy and Dragon Habitat

Ms. Ella worked with the children creating a magical home to display in the block area.  The students painted the home, beaded strings for decoration and decorated fairies and dragons (fine motor and creativity).

New Balls on the roof

The new balls have been a huge success with the children, while providing new gross motor opportunities and social skills. Thank you Ms. Judy!

Math using unifix cubes

The Eagles are practicing their number recognition and counting skills.

Guest Reader

Thank you Marion for reading, The Very Hungry Caterpillar to the class. And, showing them pictures from the book, Frozen! The Eagles enjoyed it. :)

I wish everyone a lovely weekend!


Ms. Amy