Happy Fall, Happy October!

Last week, Ms. Ella introduced a bit of her German culture into our classroom. The Eagle’s made pretzels and learned a simple polka dance. The class greeted each other each day with “guten morgen”, which led into a discussion of different languages. We learned that most of our class only speaks English but a few of our friends also speak German, Spanish and Mandarin! The week led up to our German celebration of October. Simon & Vanessa (Otto’s parents) and Heinz (Emrik’s dad) prepared a feast for our class. It included bratwurst, pretzels, homemade spaetzle and apple cider! Thank you Simon, Vanessa and Heinz for all of your contributions! And thank you Ms. Ella for all of your hard work. This was the perfect introduction to our family study that we will start in the upcoming weeks.

This week:

Our week focused on feelings and emotions. We discussed and named different emotions and the class shared times they have experienced them. We read: The Feeling Book by Todd Parr, Niko Draws a Feeling by Bob Raczka, The Way I Feel by Janan Cain, In My Heart by Jo Witek and How Do Dinosaurs Get Mad by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague. We acted out different scenarios, with figurines, where we might experience strong emotions and the children discussed how they could handle these situations. The children listened to Mozart and drew their feelings using oil pastels. Another day, the class worked with clay, stretching, pulling and creating. Expressive art is an excellent way to help children release their feelings. We will continue to work on activities dealing with emotions throughout the year.

A few weeks ago, I introduced the book, Have you Filled a Bucket today? By Carol McCloud. This is a story about how we can fill our buckets and the buckets of others when we do kind and helpful deeds. Also, we can empty our buckets and the buckets of others when we do unkind things. We have continued to discuss this concept, which the class seems to grasp quite well. The children have been bringing up ways their classmates have filled their buckets in casual conversation. :) This week, the Eagles each made two buckets, one they brought home on Thursday and one to keep in our classroom that they can fill with kind deeds.

Quiet rest:

We have introduced a quiet rest period following lunch. The children have the option to go into the big room to rest their bodies on a mat listening to soft music or a story, or they may choose to stay in our classroom for drawing, painting or looking through books. About half of our class has been choosing to rest in the big room and the others quietly work in our classroom. Then we gather for a closing song. It has been a very peaceful ending to our day together.

Boxes and Caps:

Thank you to everyone who has been sending in your caps and small boxes. Please continue to as we need more. Wine bottle corks too please!

Family Photos please:

Please email me a family photo to add to our class family tree. The photos from the Calvary Family photo book would be perfect. Thank you!

Have a beautiful long weekend!


Ms. Amy