“All About Me” Project

The Eagles have begun their “All About Me” project. The children are making books all about themselves, while learning that they all have similarities and differences to one another. The class measured their feet, decorated their handprints, and compared eye colors, using math and fine motor skills. The Eagles have been enjoying reading books about the human body. This will be an ongoing project.

Line Design

I enjoy using loose parts with the children for math, literacy, fine motor skills, creativity, engineering, and so much more. This week, the Eagles enjoyed a line design provocation. The children spent a long block of time on this particular activity. Line design using loose parts is helpful for children’s  hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and concentration.

Smokejumpers One to Ten

Based on the book, Smokejumpers One to Ten, by Chris L. Demarest, some of the Hawks and Eagles (and even a few of the younger children) decided to build an airplane in the Hawks classroom with Ms. Linnea. The children created a list of plans and then arranged chairs as airplane seats. Cardboard pieces were used to steer the plane. The following day, the children put together a plane with cardboard boxes. This has caused a great deal of excitement. Teamwork, negotiation, creativity, math, fine motor and gross motor skills all went into this project. Let’s see what they do next with it!

The Firefighters

Firefighters visited our school. The children were able to see what the firefighters wear and learn a little about them until they received a call and had to quickly hop into their truck and race off to fight a fire.

Guest Reader

Thank you Jenny Mayfield (Sam’s mom) for coming in to read the book, Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio! The class enjoyed it very much.

Halloween is in the air!

The Eagles have been busy counting down the days to Halloween on our classroom calendar, discussing their Halloween costumes and singing spooky songs.

October Self-Portraits

The Eagles drew their portraits using black sharpies and then painted them with water colors. The children added wonderful details.

Reminders for Next Week

Please bring in 1 stock of celery by this Monday the 29th. Mrs. Anaya will be making stone soup with the school.

The Halloween parade takes place on Wednesday the 31st at 10 AM. Gina sent out an email on Thursday with the details.

Until next time, have a beautiful weekend!


Ms. Amy