How many openings do we have each year for incoming students?

We usually have between 30 – 33 openings for incoming students each year. Some of these spots are filled from our priority pool which consists of siblings, legacies and active church members. We consider all applicant families in our wait pool to be equal and consider their applications wholeheartedly. […]

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How are the spots filled?

Sibling applicants are the first to be considered for spots in the upcoming year. If possible, we also like to honor legacy applicants and active members of Calvary Presbyterian Church. We form a class around those applicants, taking into consideration age and gender. Then we determine what openings we have for applicants from our wait pool. Approximately 70% of our openings are fill […]

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What other admission events are held during the process?

We conduct an observation “play date” the last Saturday of January for the priority pool applicants. If we are anticipating openings for our wait pool we will also invite applicants who meet the gender and age criteria for building our classes. The “play date” is a one hour simulated school day in which we have an opportunity to observe the children in our setting and see how they in […]

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What is the criteria for admission?

Children must be 3 years old by August 31st of the year they enter Calvary. They must also be potty trained. There is no requirement that children have previous school experience. We honor parents as their child’s first teacher and consider children who have been home with a parent as well as in a school or day care setting equally. […]

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