How are parents involved?

We honor parents as their child’s first teacher and encourage them to be actively involved in our school community. During the school day, parents may be invited to assist during a holiday celebration or participate in our monthly cooking activities. The Calvary Parents Association acts as a resource group. Parents help activities such as holiday parties, the bi-annual art show, orga […]

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Can my child attend Calvary if we are of a different faith?

Yes. Calvary Nursery School accepts children of all faiths. As certain holidays come up we learn about and celebrate them. Included are Rosh Hashanah, Christmas, Hannukkah, Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Much of what we do in Chapel is to remember how wonderful life is, because we can run so fast or jump so high, how to take care of God’s world, or that our parents are gifts from God […]

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