Dear Hawk Families,

“Goodbye” to November, and “Hello” to December!

Yes, indeed, the Hawks sure are excited about the month of December!  It is filled with everything that is childhood fabulous ~ hopes, memory making, family, imagination, traditions, warmth, light/s, giddy anticipation, yummy treats, lots of joy, and, of course, presents!  The Hawks have been, and will continue to be, quite busy over the next weeks.  As we have said together in class, we are having to call upon our inner elves to help us get it all done.  We have holiday gifts to make for our families, a holiday performance to prepare for, Calvary holiday baking taking place, and two words ~ Pajama Night!

Before I share about Pajama Night ~ wink!, and all things related to it ( a pizzeria that opened up in the Hawk’s and Eagle’s classroom in the past days…), I wanted to provide you with a glimpse, should your children have spoken to you about it, at a really special time of the week. Every Monday morning, for several weeks now, the Hawks and Eagles have been gathering for Writer’s Workshop with Ms. Anaya, just like the Sea Lions do downstairs.  During this time, Ms. Anaya will introduce a new letter of the week, using a wonderful multi-sensory literacy approach, where children activate their whole bodies to learn the letters of the alphabet.  The children really enjoy it, and we have been having fun practicing to write the letters learned thus far, and thinking together of words that start with the letters we have learned ~ What words starts with the letter C, or D?  This could be a fun little game to do should you be taking a road trip over the holidays!

Ahhhh, leading up to Pajama Night…

Parents, you may have heard talk, since returning from Thanksgiving vacation, about the opening of Georgio’s Pizzeria in the Hawk’s and Eagle’s classroom. Boy, it is never dull round here!  One morning, right after the break, several Hawks were making pizza pies, using pattern blocks, on our classroom rug. Well, one thing led to another, something caught on, and before you knew it children were making menus, setting a fancy table in our classroom, inviting peers to sit down and eat, taking orders, and serving drinks. They have been doing just this every day up until yesterday, Pajama Night.  We even made, earlier in the week, real pizza to enjoy for snack. It was a big hit!

Creating a pizzeria with the children sure has been quite a shift from smoke jumping, but a welcomed one.  Smoke jumping and fighting fires was and is (they continue to talk of it everyday) very serious work on their part, and making pizza has provided some relief. Opening up a restaurant, and inviting one and all, has been lighthearted and good fun. There may be more to it, as well.  I’ll be honest, as brave and courageous as the Hawks are, they have been a wee bit nervous about Pajama Night. As a class, they’ve been talking about it since the first weeks of school, with a nervous excitement.  There have been so many questions about this eve ~ Will we be at Calvary in the dark? Will the lights be on? You mean, we are going to look for fairy treasure on the roof when it’s dark? Will the teachers be at Calvary?  Will there be food for us to eat for dinner?  Opening up Giorgio’s Pizzeria in the past two weeks has provided the opportunity for children to work through some of their jitters, once again, and turn their jitters into pure excitement.  Here’s a look…

Ms. Anaya let the Hawks and Eagles choose the kind of pizza they would like for Pajama Night.  The children took a vote ~ cheese and pepperoni were the top choices!

Hold on, a few more…

And, when it finally arrived, what a fun evening Pajama Night was!

Hawk Parents, on a sidenote, I want to thank you all for helping us to kick off our All About Me! study, by sharing photos of your children as wee ones and providing the information that you did.  It is wonderful, absolutely wonderful, and the children are so excited!  We began this week with highlighting a child each day, and will continue (we will be pausing to make our family holiday gifts and practicing for our performance) into the new year.  I will be sharing with you much more about the work we are doing, most likely, when we get back from our holiday vacation.

It’s a busy, busy time of year, I know.  Remember, take deep breaths, slow down when you find yourself scurrying, and enjoy this beautiful time of year.

Have a warm weekend…

~ Ms. Linnea