Dear Hawk Families,

I feel like I was just saying “goodbye” to you all, and the children, for holiday break, and now winter break is upon us.  I’m reminded of how the second half of the school year goes by so very quickly.  As a class, we are in such a beautiful place on many levels ~ friendship and community-wise, learning-wise, maturity-wise, and I find myself wanting to hold on to all the wonderful moments together, but must let them go, so we can move forwards.  I definitely make sure to savor them, as we move through our days, each and every one.

As I shared, we have been carrying out a a minute or two of mindfulness/meditation during circle time, to find our peace, since early in the school year.  This week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we carried out several partner mindfulness exercises.  The photos below are of us warming our hands in candle pose and connecting to our light, and then placing our hands on our partner, and sharing love.  One child was the giver, and the other the receiver.  It was incredibly sacred and beautiful, and you could here a pin drop in our classroom space.  Here is a glimpse…

As well, I gave the children a greeting challenge on Valentine’s morning.  I shared with the children how we each have a heart song.  No two heart songs are the same, every person’s song is different.  I asked the children to take a moment and find their heart song inside, and in unison we would share it with one another, as a way to greet the new day.  Wow, the Hawks shared the most beautiful heart songs I have ever heard!  It sounded incredibly heavenly in our classroom space! Some were moving their fingers as if playing an instrument, each one made a sound, a song, from deep inside.

Too, we ate yummy Valentine’s Day cupcakes, and filled our VD bags with lots of cards and goodies! Thank you parents for all the wonderful cards that were brought to school and shared!

Yes, we have brought the first chapter of our All About Me! study to a close.  Wow, we have had so much fun, and learned tons, from stepping back in time to learn about ourselves as babies.  Over the weeks, we became really good at listening closely to the facts you all provided about your child, and comparing information with each other, for example, “You were 7 pounds, and I was too!”  Or, “I had curly hair, too, as a baby!”  As well, we challenged ourselves to find new and different ways, using unifix cubes ~ a nonstandard measuring tool, to count to 19, 20, 21 inches long, the length most of us were when born.  We counted by tens, fives, twos, and ones ~ 20 makes 4 fives, or 2 tens, or 1o twos.  19 can be made with 3 fives, and 4 ones, etc.

As well, the Hawks have been busy measuring all kinds of things using a standard measuring tape!

Here is a look at the rest of the Hawks sharing about themselves as babies…

During our Circle Time this morning, I shared with the children about two special “somethings” that we will begin when we return to school.  The first is our Star Name Study.  Having stepped back in time, we will now jump into the present!  I will share more about this once we begin.  It will be the next chapter in our All About Me! study, and will be sure to grow our pre-kindergarten literacy skills!  As well, the second something is, we will begin to read our first Chapter Book ~ My Father’s Dragon, by Ruth Stiles Gannett.  We are so excited!  I planted these seeds in their minds and hearts today, and we will grow them throughout the Spring and remaining weeks of school.

I just have to say, I’m going to miss the Hawks a great deal in the days ahead.   They are incredibly lovable, and we have a lot of love in our classroom.

Have a wonderful next week with your children. I know some of you are already on the road (or in the sky), and others are going to stay local.  Whatever it is you are doing, and wherever you’ll be, enjoy the time with your children.  Hug them a lot.


Ms. Linnea