Hello Hawk Families,

My name is Lena, and I am seven.  I am the color of cinnamon.

Lucy has skin that’s peachy and tan.

Jo-Jin lives close to the playground, she is the color of honey.

Mr. Pellegrino, flipping a pizza high in the air, is the color of pizza crust, a golden brown.

Candy is like a beautiful jewel, bronze and amber.  She looks like a princess.

The Colors of Us, by Karen Katz.

Each one of us is a beautiful color!

At the end of March, the Hawks completed their 6th self-portrait of the school year. Up until this time, we had been simply using a fancy black marker and cardstock to carryout our monthly installments. The simplicity and predictability of just this tool allowed us to really focus on details and changes that would take place from one month to the next, such as eyebrows, eyelashes, missing teeth, freckles, haircuts, and such. The Hawks have grown a great deal in their ability to look closely at themselves and to draw what they see in remarkable detail.

Well, having worked with only black marker and white paper, we decided it was time to add color to our portraits. Inspired by the book The Colors of Us, by Karen Katz, we pondered  and reflected together and individually over the color of our skin and which color crayon would best reflect it/us. Are we honey colored, or peach? Toast, or peanut butter?  As we came to discover, there are so many shades between white and black, and it was tricky at times to figure out just what felt right.  The children spent quite a bit of time studying themselves, comparing crayons to skin and skin to crayons, to decide. We truly came to appreciate all the marvelous variations in color that we each are.

For our seventh self-portrait, we are going to look for inspiration from several famous artists in the the book Just Like Me: Stories and Self-Portraits by Fourteen Artists, such as Maya Christina Gonzalez, Elly Simmons, and Joe Sam.  We will be asking ourselves, “What makes me ME?” “What might I add to my self-portrait that reflects more of who I am?”

Parents, wow, it is April!  This month, our class calendar’s theme is Hawks, and the Hawks will be in charge of adding the number/s each day to our calendar.  They have been super excited by this, and have done a stellar job adding number 1-5 thus far.  We are eager to add the teen numbers to our April calendar in just some days!

Parents, a little challenge for you…

Can you unscramble these Star Names?

Lastly, a quick glimpse at Wacky Wednesday.  It was a wacky day, indeed!  Lots of fun!  Here are some of our Hawk friends building all kinds of cool stuff with recycled materials, as we do each Wednesday.

Have a colorful weekend!


Ms. Linnea