June 1- 3

Theme: Good by for the Summer



Monday, May 18

 The Owls have been fascinated with the alternative backgrounds on Zoom so I think this should be a ‘Bring a Different Background’ circle.  If your child wants to and it’s okay with you, change your background for our circle today.

  • Zoom Agenda
    • Opening Song
    • Share our Virtual Backgrounds
    • Talk about what were some of our favorite things that we did this year?
    • Draw a picture together on the share screen-what’s your favorite thing to draw?
    • Read Grandfather Twilight by Barbara Berger (one of Miss Judy’s Favorites)
    • Play ‘I’m Thinking Of’ game. ( favorite people and places at Calvary will be the focus of what I am thinking of)
    • Closing Song

Learning Domains: Social-Emotional, Cognitive in the form of Listening Skills,

  • Activity 1: Write a Poem – All About Me
    • Materials Needed: Print out of template in link below, Marker or Pen, Grown-up, Crayons
    • Link to project template:All About Me Poem 
    • Video Instructions for Students:https://youtu.be/xguQPOe09v4
    • Parents, in this project, the Owls are writing a poem about themselves by filling in the blanks in a template.  Print the template.  Have the child fill in their answers to the blanks in the poem.  Read it to them.  Have them write their name under the title of the poem.  Have them draw a picture of themselves.  Take a photo and send to me for Cluster.
  • Activity 2 Kind and Caring Hand Art Project
    • Have your Owl watch Mrs. Smith’s Art video ( link below) and do the project.  Take a photo and send to her at [email protected]

Learning Domains: Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Creative, Fine Motor

  • Voice Memo, sent by text, from Miss Alice


Tuesday, June 2



  • Zoom Agenda:
    • Opening Song
    • Final Share- Each Owl will have a chance to say good by or anything that they want to say to their friends.
    • Miss Judy shares that she is not going to be back in the fall
    • Play Miss Judy Says (if they are interested)
    • Closing Song

Learning Domains : Social Emotional, Cognitive- Listening and Speaking Skills

FaceTime Calls with Devon and JJ ( if they want) 12:30 – 1:30

Wednesday, June 3

  • I will deliver our Owl Memory Book to all families who are in San Francisco and be available for a socially distant chat if your Owl wants.  Miss Alice will join us if she can.
    • Tentative Schedule to be confirmed via e-mail on June 2.
      • 10:00 am – Millie
      • 10:30 – Matthew
      • 11:00 – Maisie
      • 11:30 – Bassie
      • 12:00 – Katharine

Video Links:

Hopefully I’ll have a chance to say this in person or via a FaceTime but in case not,  I want you all to know how much I have enjoyed teaching your children this year and how much I appreciate all of the support that you have given me.  For me a hidden benefit of our sheltering in place time is that I feel like I have had a chance to get to know you and your child in a special way via our FaceTime calls.  I hope you have a wonderful summer.  I know the Owls are all going to be amazing and have a great time at Calvary next Fall.  Take care of yourselves.