May 25 – May 29

Theme: Odds and Ends


Parents- Please note that the links for our Zoom Circle on Wednesday and Thursday are different- see below!  Please be sure that you upgrade to Zoom 5.0 by May 30 to attend Zoom activities after that date.

Monday, May 25 – Memorial Day holiday


Tuesday, May 26

  • Zoom Agenda:
    • Opening Song
    • Bring your celery or grass seed plant to share with the class and we see what’s happened with them
    • Talk about Zoom Field trip Wednesday to Sweet Farm.  Talk about who lives at a farm and what happens there
    • Read Quack said the Billygoat by Charles Causley
    • Play I’m Thinking of …game
    • Closing Song

Learning Domains: Social – Emotional, Cognitive- Listening Skills, Speaking Skills, Science Exploration

  • Activity : Full Body Self Portrait
    • Materials: Colored Chalk, Sidewalk or Patio ( large enough space for your Owl to lie down)
    • Parents: Have your child lie down on their back, spreading the legs apart and their arms away from their body.  Use the chalk to draw an outline all the way around their body.  Then have the child draw their face, hair, add clothes if they want.  Finally have them write as much of their name as they are comfortable with.  Please take a picture and send to me so we can post it on Cluster.
    • Parents,  This was a favorite activity on the roof.  They like to see how big they really are and to fill in the details of their features.

Learning Domains: Cognitive, Creativity, Fine Motor



Wednesday, May 27

  • Zoom Circle 9:30 Virtual Field Trip to Sweet Farm in Half Moon Bay
  • Join GotoMeeting
    • Note this meeting is hosted in Go To Meeting so you will need the app to participate
    • We are going to Sweet Farm in Half Moon Bay, a farm animal rescue farm.  Here is a link to tell you more about it:
    • This is a field trip for the Birds,Owls and Penguins.  They will show us some farm animals and tell us about them and the farm.
    • Given that we have been talking about seeds and planting, this outing is a natural extension of that learning thread.

Learning Domains:  Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Listening Skills, Science Exploration

  • Activity 1: Baa Baa Sheep Sponge Painting
    • Materials Needed: Colored Paper, White Activity Paint, Unused Kitchen Sponge or Kitchen scourer, Black Marker
    • Parent Instructions:  Have your child take a piece of colored paper.  Have them dip the sponge or kitchen scrubber into the white paint and then make prints of the paint on the paper in the shape of a fluffy lamb.  Using the kitchen sponge or scrubber will give the paint some texture.  When the paint dries, have them draw legs and a head.  They can use other colors to fill in as much detail around the lamb as they like; grass, sun, etc.  No worries if they get carried away with the sponge painting.  They can make a whole flock of sheet or turn it into a snowy day.  The idea is the sensory stimulation and fun. Take a picture and send it to me.
    • Parent link for longer explanation:

Learning Domains: Cognitive, fine motor, creativity, sensory stimulation



  • Face Time Calls 11:30 – 12:30
    • Devon, Bastien, JJ, Katharine


Thursday, May 21

  • Zoom Agenda
    • Opening Song
    • Crazy Hair Show and Tell
    • Discuss what were some of our favorite things that we did together.
    • Miss Sonia will read a book.
    • Play When They Woke Up with Miss Judy
    • Say Good bye till next fall to our friends
    • Closing Song

Learning Domains: Social- Emotional, Cognitive, Listening and Speaking Skills

  • Activity: Letter Treasure Hunt
    • Materials Needed:  Paper, Markers
    • Parent Instructions:  Write one or more of these words on a piece in all capital letters: SWEET FARM, PENGUINS /OWLS, or a favorite farm animal.  Write your child’s name below it in all capital letters.  Have them look for the letters of their name in the word(s) at the top of the page.  Circle the matching letters in colored marker, using one color for each letter match.  If your child is enjoying this, you can do it several times with a variety of these words. Send me a picture
  • 10:30 – 11:00 FIT
    Thursday Creative Movement ID: 812 1662 3085

    Password: 994001


  • Face Time Calls 11:30 -12:30
    • Matthew, Millie, Silas, Maisie


Friday, May 15

Video Links:

  • Art Videos with Mrs. Smith: