We had a very busy week this week but so much fun.  Monday we focused on Chanukah, making latkes for the school snack and listening to the Chanukah story as told by Mr. Glickman, an alum parent and his adult daughter who went to Calvary. Wednesday we made pizza and enjoyed it at snack.

The spirit of Christmas started showing up this week as well with Christmas crafts, playdough that smelled like gingerbread and Christmas songs at music time.

The high point of the week though was having all of the Owl stuffies come to school.  The children were so excited to introduce their stuffies to us at circle on Monday.  On Tuesday the stuffies looked out the window and each Owl photographed what their stuffie saw with my I-pad.  Each child picked images that were special to them so we have pictures of the bus stop, cars, the corner store and the electric lines that power the buses.  On Thursday, our stuffies sat on the window sill and looked out the window ( as the stuffed animals in the book Waiting did).  We walked across the street and tried to see them.  The anti glare coating on the windows meant that we could not see them but we enjoyed the walk on a beautiful day.  To our surprise though, the stuffies magically moved to a window in Calvin Hall on the first floor of the church and were waiting for us there as we walked back to school.  Mrs. Rindal may have provided a little magical help getting them there but we did not reveal this to the Owls.  They were so excited and we had much conversation about how the stuffies got there.

The children have had such enthusiasm for this that I think we may have to write a class book about the experience.  Stay tuned!

All kidding aside, they learned so much this week; taking responsibility to bring the stuffies in each day, having the self discipline to leave it in their cubbie until after snack, respecting one another’s property, taking our first field trip ( they did a great job) including walking safely across the street and holding onto our walking rope, realizing that things don’t always go as planned and that is okay.  The most fun for me was their joy and excitement when they discovered the stuffies had moved.  That was magical for me.  Thanks your support with this activity.

Here are some of the highlights of our week in pictures.

Hope you all have a great weekend.