Dear Calvary Parents,

We hope 2021 is off to a great start for your families.  As we settle back into the routines of the new year, please read through for some important reminders from Deb.

Don’t miss our introduction to the Penguin teaching team below!


Caroline & Carolyn



Happy New Year to all the wonderful Calvary families. I want to express my gratitude again for all your support this year. We are a strong and healthy community because of your hard work and diligence.  As we enter the second semester I have a few reminders to help us all work together to keep our children safe.
  • Please remember to use the cross walk at all times. I have seen many parents parking across from the school in the morning and crossing in the middle of the street. That is very dangerous and also sends the wrong message to our children who are learning from us how to be safe and abiding citizens.


  • Please remember to complete your child’s COVID questionnaire each evening by 8:00 pm. I know this can be a challenge to remember as you are going through the sometimes hectic bedtime routine. It is critical that we have these questionnaires each evening so I can read through them for any information regarding symptoms or possible exposures.


  • We are approaching the end of our incoming admissions season and will be notifying new families of decisions for fall 2021 enrollment by February 12. If you have a younger child who turns 3 by December 1 of 2021 and you have not submitted an application please contact me.




This month we continue our “Meet the Teachers” series by getting to know the fabulous Penguin teaching team!

Verónica Delgado Salazar

  • Hometown: Tampico, Tamaulipas, México
  • Best book you’ve read lately: Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods & Heroes, by Edith Hamilton
  • Favorite San Francisco Restaurant: Nari (Fun fact: I worked there as a Garde Manger Chef for a little bit)
  • Dream Vacation: Thailand
  • What do you enjoy most about working with preschoolers? Preschoolers are the most lovable and fun! Being able to accompany them through their learning journey gives me so much joy and the opportunity to connect with my inner child. It also keeps me learning, active and smiling. Every day is unique when you work with preschoolers.
Katy Allen

  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Best book you’ve read lately:  My mother writes, so I am currently reading some of her work. 
  • Favorite San Francisco restaurant:  I am fairly new to SF, so I haven’t had much time to try many restaurants. However, I found a place that I often order beignets from called Just For You Cafe. 
  • Dream Vacation: Thailand or Indonesia
  • What do you enjoy most about working with preschoolers? I enjoy the creativity teaching gives me, along with creating bonds with my students. The conversations and laughs each day are what bring me joy. 

Thanks to the Penguin teachers for sharing and letting us get to know them a little better!