Hello Penguin Families,


We hope everyone had a great Winter break! It’s good to be back in school. We missed the Penguins very much. 


During the month of February we celebrated Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and Diversity. Here are some of the learning objectives we worked on and developed with the Penguins inside and outside the classroom:


Valentine’s Day:

  • Developed number and letter awareness.
  • Learned the characteristics of a good friend.
  • Learned how to resolve conflicts with friends (book: The Biggest Valentine Ever).
  • Gained literacy skill through articulating their thoughts for dictation.
  • Practiced listening to peers and responding to their verbal communication. 



Chinese New Year:

  • Learned about Chinese New Year (through books, videos and photographs).
  • Developed their large and small motor skills (diverse art projects like lanterns, stamping fireworks, egg carton dragon).
  • Developed fine motor skills using chopsticks and toy dumplings. With this activity the children also practiced sorting and counting. 




  • Continued understanding the importance of kindness.
  • Enhanced their oral language skills, including topics of culture, harmony, diversity and community. 
  • Learned about different musical instruments and listen to new types of music (Jazz). 
  • Talked about what kinds of things we can do for each other and the people in our community.
  • Had discussions about the meaning of fairness and equality (introduction). 
  • Highlights: We read a story about Dr. Patricia Bath that inspired a day of science and inventions. We also read a story about Jazz that inspired a day about music and art. And finally, we read a story about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that sparked discussions about our dreams and kindness.



With this fun and diverse curriculum for the month of February, the Penguins were able to reach our planned learning objectives. We designed all of the activities with the idea that they could develop new and important skills. Specifically social and emotional awareness by having open discussions, reading rich literature and doing role playing.

We also continue working and achieving progress in other important areas like creative thinking, literacy and physical skills. These goals and objectives keep the Penguins on track towards accomplishing educational goals, and gives them the opportunity to expand on their own ideas and a chance to take on new experiences.


On another note, the Penguins are eager because March is here! This means we have started learning about biomes/habitats of Planet Earth: the forest, the deserts, the arctic, the jungle and  the wetlands.  It’s only been one week and they are already learning so much: new words, new animals, new games! We also had our first visit to the park and it was a great experience in which they participated in a photography expedition and created their own nature still life drawings. 



Finally, for the whole month of April we will be focusing on the habitat: Oceans. The penguins will learn new things about the oceans and will also have the opportunity to share what they already know.


Thank you for all your support!


Penguin Teachers