Hello Parents,

The holiday season has arrived! The Penguins have been very busy enjoying and talking about special holidays that happen through out this season.

Last week, the Penguins made ladkas in celebration of Hanukkah. We had shredded potatoes and other ingredients mixed together to start with. We chopped some onions (it made us a little teary). Then we made small patties of potatoes and fried them. We then headed to the Chapel to hear the story of Hanukkah and why people celebrate it. Thank you Jaci (Reese’s Mom) for helping us that day.

This week, we finalized our cake creation by making the candles for the cake. Then, we gathered around the cake and sang the Happy Birthday song for each of the penguins.

On Wednesday, we baked a cake! We had been looking forward to it for almost two weeks. All the penguins worked together to make it happen. We made whipped cream and we made two layers for our cake. We used different colors to make a rainbow frosting. We learned how mixing colors can make a new color. We then enjoyed the cake for snack.

On Thursday, we had a special guest! Taylor (Ellie’s dad) read a book called Thunder Cakes to the Penguins. It was the perfect wrap up to our cake exploration. Thank you Taylor!

I also happy to inform you that we have a new Penguin joining our classroom starting in January. We are very excited and thrilled to have Rachel join us. The Penguins drew pictures for Rachel and then we made it into a book.

Have a great weekend!

Warmly, Miss Sonia