Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful break! I was very happy to see all the Penguins back in school.

The Penguins and I gave a big welcome to Rachel this week! We were very excited for her to join our class and as a celebration we had homemade popsicles on Friday for snack.

This week we took a HOT and COLD exploration. We had discussions about the weather, seasons and things that are hot and cold. We made a list with everyone participating and contributing to it. I had a slime and sand provocation set up for the kids to learn and stimulate their learning.


The big room has become the Polar Express. The Penguins have been busy being the train conductors, selling tickets, working on the train tracks and engine.

On the roof, we have turned it into a fairytale land. Having dress up constumes for the children to explore and create in their imaginations.



As we bring the wonderful holiday season to an end, we would like to add another page or two to our family books. Please send a page or two with your child by Monday of pictures and short descriptions of what you did for the holiday season. The kids enjoy sharing their books with peers and talking about their family. It is important to keep these books updated so they have fresh dialogues with their peers and to have that home/school connection. Thank you very much! 



Miss Sonia