Hello Penguin Families!

This post feels bittersweet because not only have we been having such a wonderful time in the Penguin Classroom this past month but it is also going to be our last post for the end of the school year.

This month we have explored all the layers of our beautiful oceans! We have had the opportunity to make so many new discoveries within the deep blue sea. The Penguins were excited to share their thoughts and ideas about some of their favorite sea creatures as well as learning about so many other wonders.


Some highlights from this month: 

*Sea Urchin and Sea Anemone Sculptures (This activity was so fun to watch and a creative way for the Penguins to demonstrate their fine motor skills as they bent and twisted the pipe cleaners in different directions).


*Our Song Creations! When we sung songs such as:

*The aquarium art ( This activity allowed for children to choose one of their favorite ocean animals and recreate it based on memory. Using math concepts, they verbalized the shape in which would best represent that animal.)


*Measuring Australian jellyfish (Using a measuring tape the Penguins worked as a team to measure out 20 ft; as we counted to 20, to represent the length of an Portiguese Man O’ War jellyfish. After they used spray bottles to paint the tentacles and it proudly hangs from the ceiling in our classroom.) 

*The hatching of the Praying Mantis (We have been talking about eggs in the classroom throughout the year and the penguins were happy to discover that fish also come from eggs! In celebration of spring we brought Praying Mantis eggs into the classroom to continue this interest of eggs. The penguins were able to use their cognitive skills to guess what would hatch from the egg based on size, shape, and color. They were excited to view the insects hatching. We released most into the gardens of the church but have a few to continue overseeing their growth. The Penguins enjoy handling the Mantis, and tending to them daily.)


We designed this month’s activities with the following learning objectives in mind:

  • Learn about different types of sea creatures: fish, shark, sea urchin, octopus, etc.
  • Share what they already know about ocean creatures.
  • Learn basic facts about the ocean and sea creatures.
  • Learn what animals live in the ocean and why they live there.
  • Develop small and large motor skills.
  • Explore their design creativity.
  • Practice moving like sea creatures (music and movement games, ocean animals yoga).
  • Engage in creative dramatics.
  • Strengthen emergent literacy skills through writing stories.
  • Listen to stories about sea creatures.
  • Say beginning letter sounds.
  • Name the corresponding letter to beginning sound.
  • Enhance their vocabularies development and oral language skills. 
  • Use their discussion skills.
  • Practice measuring things around the room, practice measuring “tentacles” (jelly fish).
  • Compare long and short.
  • Recognize numerals 1 – 10.
  • Count from 1 – 10.
  • Play number games, count objects. 
  • Practice simple patterns and pairs. 



We had such a wonderfully fun and creative year! The Penguins have grown so much. They are full of curiosity and love. Thank you so much to the families for such a successful year! We look forward to watching the Penguins continue to grow here at Calvary! 


Penguin Teachers.