Hi Penguin Families!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break. We are excited about the next half of the school year because there are so many fun and exciting projects planned for the next coming months!

Since returning to school, we have been exploring SPACE in the penguin classroom. The children have explored learning about the planets, the stars, astronauts, and about the Sun and the Moon (Day and Night). They have shown a curiosity about the world around them, so exploring outer space has given them new opportunities to discuss some of their prior knowledge and also opportunities to learn many new and exciting things. 



We have focused on this learning topic for the month of January. These are some of the skills children have begun to develop thus far:

  • Learn about space. 
  • Learn about the parts of the solar system (sun, moon, stars and planets).
  • Learn the names of the planets. 
  • Learn about stars.
  • Learn about astronauts. 
  • Talk about rockets and space travel. 
  • Develop small and large motor skills.
  • Become familiar with comparative words (big, bigger, biggest, large, larger, largest, etc).
  • Begin to create representational drawings.
  • Recognize and count numerals from 1 – 10, count to 10 forward and backwards (blast off).
  • Understand the shapes of the sun, the moon and the stars. 
  • Practice classifying objects by matching and sorting. 
  • Develop scientific thinking and problem solving. 
  • Increase their language and communication skills. 
  • Develop their listening skills. 
  • Discover information about the moon. 
  • Gain an understanding of a list. 
  • Identify the smallest and largest shapes in a group. 


Here are some highlights from this month’s learning! 



Coming up in February, we will be diving into some social and emotional learning when we discuss love and friendship. We look forward to culminating with our celebration of Valentine’s Day. We will also celebrate Lunar New Year the week of February 8th through the 12th. If any families want to share their ideas or participate in the celebration with us in some way please let us know!

After we come back from the winter break, we will be learning about Earth, nature, and the different Biomes. 

Thank you!

Penguin Teachers