Dear Parents,

For the past two weeks we have been exploring the penguin world. We’ve been learning about their habitat, what they eat and special characteristics that they have. We measured each Penguin to see if we were tall as an Emperor penguin. Emperor penguins are almost four feet tall.

On Tuesday, we checked our water jars again and some jars had more water. We also did an experiment with shaving cream and colored water. We added drops of water to the shaving cream until the shaving cream was saturated and the water went through and into the water. It was a great visual experiment to represent the water cycle.


We’ve had beautiful weather, which makes our roof time fun. Some penguin have been making color patterns with blocks. We have also enjoyed our music time.

I also would like to welcome and introduce our new Penguin, Aurelia! All the Penguins are excited to have her in our classroom.