Redbird Remote Class Schedule

May 25 – May 29

Theme:  Farm Animals

Monday, May 25

MEMORIAL DAY — School Holiday (No School)

10:30-11:00 FIT Gymnastics

Meeting ID: 858 0367 3586

Password: 455929

Tuesday, May 26

  • 9-9:30am  Zoom Circle Time (NOTICE TIME CHANGE—I think it may work better for the children to have circle before Gayle)
    • AGENDA: 
      • Say hello to one another 
      • Sing “A Ram, Sam, Sam”
      • Read Alphaprint’s “1 2 3”
      • Introduce children’s jobs for the day 
        • Days of Week song/Calendar Job: Zuzu & Gracie
        • Weather Job: Michael & Nicholas
        • Guesser (for “I’m thinking of”) Job: Marygrace
        • Guesser (for “I’m thinking of”) Job: Greyson 
        • Guesser (for “I’m thinking of”) Job: Georgia
        • Start Goodbye Song: EVERYONE
      • Sing “Old Macdonald”
      • Talk about what types of animals we might see at the farm & answer any questions 
      • Goodbye Song

Follow-up Zoom Activity:

  1. Counting Farm Animals Worksheet (SENT IN EMAIL
    • Learning Domains: fine motor skills, memory (matching), math concepts
    • Materials: worksheet, marker or crayon
  1. Who Lives on a Farm Worksheet? (SENT IN EMAIL)
    • Learning Domains: fine motor skills, cognitive/critical thinking
    • Materials: worksheet, marker or crayon
  1. Think of something you want to know about  SWEET FARM. Have your grown-up help you write down your questions so that you can ask the farmers tomorrow. 
      • How many animals live on the farm? 
      • What do the animals eat?
      • What time do the farmers wake up to take care of the animals?
      • Is working on a farm hard work?

Gayle’s Zoom Music Class – Birds
Time: Tuesday @ 9:30-9:50

  • 10:30 – 11:00 – FITTuesday Dance

    Meeting ID: 867 3847 5746

    Password: 656956

  • 11:30 – 12:30 FaceTime calls
    • Zuzu, Georgia, Gracie, Nicholas (I will email or text you regarding times)

***Story Video Link will be sent in an email with the worksheets for the week***

 Wednesday, May 27

  •  9:30 AM – 9:50 AM  **(Please note this is not our usual circle time)**

    • LINK TO MEETING: (not through zoom)
  • Details:         
    • Virtual tour of Sweet Farm in Half Moon Bay
    • Meet the animals & learn about the farm
    • Children can come prepared to ask questions about the farm and the animals if they want, or they can just observe and enjoy the day!

Follow up Zoom Activity:

  1. Muddy Pig Sensory Art Activity  (fine motor, sensory exploration)
    • Materials needed: Pig printable (SENT IN EMAIL),  brown paint, shaving cream, and a gallon ziplock bag
      • print out pig, cut it out, place it in the ziplock bag
      • Add shaving cream and brown tempera paint to bag, then seal it
      • Encourage your Redbird to pat, rub, and knead the bag with his/her hands, forearms, elbows, etc. 
      • Ask some open-ended questions to promote their thinking skills during the process:  
        • Can you describe the way the bag feels when you move your hands over it?  Do you like the way it feels? Why/why not?
        • What do you notice about the pig when you mix the paint and shaving cream together? What do you notice about the shaving cream when it’s mixed with the paint?                                  .
  1. Help The Farm Girl Find The Lost Sheep Worksheet (SENT IN EMAIL)
    • Trace over the lines to help the girl find her sheep


*Please have your Redbird draw a picture or write her a birthday card! We will share them at tomorrow’s circle time.



Thursday, May 28

  • 9:45-10:15am – Zoom Circle Time

Meeting ID: 743 4887 0380

Password: 5fwGXs

    • AGENDA:
      • Say hello to one another 
      • Sing “A Ram, Sam, Sam”
      • Introduce children’s jobs for the day 
        • Days of Week song/Calendar Job: Marygrace & Michael
        • Weather Job: Nicholas &  Zuzu
        • Guesser (for “I’m thinking of”) Job: Georgia 
        • Guesser (for “I’m thinking of”) Job: Greyson
        • Guesser (for “I’m thinking of”) Job: Gracie
        • Start Goodbye Song: Everyone
        • Sing Happy Birthday to Zuzu and show her the card or picture you made her
    • Play “move like the animal game” 
      • I will hold up a picture of an animal and you have to move your body around the room like that animal
  • Goodbye Song


Follow-up Zoom activity 

Learning Domains: math concepts, fine motor, critical thinking 

  1. Complete Size Sort Worksheet (SENT IN EMAIL) 

    • Cut out the farm animals. Sort them and line them up from smallest to biggest
  2. Sort or group your animals, dolls, trains, cars, etc. at home

    • Sort them by size — find all the big trains and group them together, then find all the small trains and group them together 
    • Sort them by color
    • Sort them by category (i.e. 2 horses would go together, 2 pigs would go together, etc.)
  • Facetime call
    • 2pm Marygrace

Friday, May 29

**FACETIME Calls with Michael and Greyson**

  • Activity: Farm Animal Bingo 
  • Learning Domains: critical thinking, observation skills, listening skills
  • Materials: Bingo sheets (SENT IN EMAIL), a small object to use as a Bingo chip, a grown-up or older sibling to call out the clues