The Redbirds have been very busy these past two weeks! We have been working on their accountability and independence as students. The children are learning to line up and walk in a line. We remind them to follow the friend in front of them and keep their eyes forward to avoid traffic jams:) I ask that you please encourage them to do things on their own, such as dressing themselves and practicing the “magic trick”with their jackets.

Last week we began an exploration of apples by creating apple art, including apple printing. We also did an apple taste test, which taught the children about the difference in taste depending on the variations of color and size of the different types of apples.

This week we jumped into self-portraits! We will complete a self-portrait once a month. We discussed the features of the face while the children looked at their reflection in the mirror. Each child created a self-representation using paper, glue, yarn and pipe cleaners! We also practiced tracing our names, particularly focusing on the first letter.

We have also continued to talk about being a kind and caring friend and group member. The children are learning to use their words to negotiate and respect one another.

Enjoy the weekend!