Hello Sea Lion Families,

First, a BIG CONGRATS to Bradley and the Hightower family on their newest addition, Emeline!! We can’t wait to meet her!!


The children have been very flexible and patient with our recent poor air quality that is keeping us cooped up indoors. While it may pose some an inconvenience to us, it also reminds us how fortunate and blessed we are to have safe homes, and plenty of food on our tables. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of the fires.

We spent some of our time indoors reflecting on all the wonderful things we have to be thankful for. The children created beautiful placemats to be used at our upcoming Thanksgiving Feast. This feast is a long standing Calvary tradition that brings the entire school together for a wonderful child made meal.

The children spent time reflecting on what they are thankful for. They wrote out their answers and created some beautiful illustrations.


I’m Thankful For My Family-Brooke

I’m Thankful For My Sisters-Belle

I’m Thankful For My Family-Edward

I’m Thankful For Coco (brother)-Bennett

I’m Thankful For All Of My Friends-Parker D.

I’m Thankful For My Family My Friends And My School-Brigette

I’m Thankful For My Family-Kane

I’m Thankful For Playing With My Brother-Phoebe

I’m Thankful For My Family-Loulou

I’m Thankful For All The Apples In The World-J.D.

I’m Thankful For All Of My Friends-Chloe

I’m Thankful For Hugs And Family-Lila

I’m Thankful For My Family-Maddie

I’m Thankful For My Family And My Cousins-Ellie

I’m Thankful For My House-Roch

I’m Thankful For Getting To Watch Videos-Peter

I’m Thankful My Cousins-Grant

I’m Thankful For My Family-Bradley

I’m Thankful For My Parents-Elle

I’m Thankful For Having A Great Life-Parker H.

I’m Thankful For My Family-Jack


Wea are really looking forward to the Thanksgiving Feast and the children made two delicious recipes; glazed carrots, and veggie chips!! Thank you to all our wonderful cooking helpers!



We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, fun, and laughter!!


The Sea Lion Team