This holiday season kept the Sea Lions extra busy with plenty of celebrations, here are some of the highlights over the past month of December fun!

At Bedtime Stories Night, the Sea Lions were joined by the Hawks and Eagles for a night of pajama fun! We read a few holiday classics before heading to the roof for the annual flashlight treasure hunt! Calvary legend states that there are magical fairies that come visit each year and leave jewels for the oldest children at school, and they always seem to leave just the right amount every time :) Afterwards, we had a pizza party, followed by a pajama fashion show and Christmas carols!

We continued the holiday cheer by creating a giant Christmas tree to use on stage for the holiday program. Each Sea Lion did their part, but most especially enjoyed getting messy and turning it into a finger painting!

Last week, we made time to celebrate Hanukkah with a special assembly and cooking celebration! Thanks to Mrs. Anaya for the beautiful story of the Jewish holiday, we all learned a lot and loved watching the lighting of the menorah. Shout out to Leslie, Colleen, and Bethany for the delicious latkes as well!

The Sea Lions managed to squeeze in enough time to also make their families holiday ornaments and even wrapped them on their own! Hope your family has added yours to the tree!

On our last day of school we decided to surprise the Sea Lions with a Pajama Day! We made breakfast for snack, which included Christmas Tree  pancakes, complete with sprinkles. Thank you all for also keeping the surprise movie a secret, they were all SO surprised when they found out they would watch “The Secret World of Arrietty”! We have been reading this story for a few weeks now, it was a great way to culminate the end of a fun-filled month!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Calvary! See you in the New Year!