Monday June 1st


Zoom Schedule: **PLEASE BRING YOUR CHARLOTTE’S WEB BINGO CARD AND SOME BINGO “CHIPS” (anything that will cover the square, like pennies, legos or other small manipulatives, cut pieces of colored paper, etc.)**

Zoom Morning Meeting 9:00am

Meeting ID: 850 8724 9617

Password: 223046


Question of the Day: What are you most excited about for next year? Is it your new school? Learning new things? Making new friends? Can’t wait to hear what you’re excited for in kindergarten! 


Morning Letters: Spider Investigation Share! Using your letter from last Thursday (listed below) follow the instructions and bring your findings to our meeting!

Spider Trivia! Using your letter from last Thursday, take a look at this list of North American spiders. Choose a spider that begins with your letter, and draw a picture of it! Have a grown-up help you find one interesting fact about the spider to write below your drawing. If you were not able to send us a picture last week, just bring your illustration with you to our meeting to share with the class! (This activity supports fine motor development, letter recognition, language development and early science investigation) 


Will: J

Reese: N

Blair P: O

Indie: A

Miles: Y

Blaire R: L  

Petey: P

Skylar: G

Brooklyn: B  

Ben: F

Lola: D

Jackson: T  

Ellie: Z

Nicholas: W  

Henry: K

Alex: R

James: M

Bennett: C

Sam: H

Jordan: R  

Francis: S


In-Class Activity 1: Charlotte’s Web Bingo, Round 2! **PLEASE BRING YOUR CHARLOTTE’S WEB BINGO CARD AND SOME BINGO “CHIPS” (anything that will cover the square, like pennies, legos or other small manipulatives, cut pieces of colored paper, etc.)**


In-Class Activity 2: Stewey Share- Petey!


Follow-Up Activities:

Ballooning Spiders Challenge: At the end of “Charlotte’s Web” all 514 of Charlotte’s spiderlings hatch from the egg sac and are ready to leave the comfort of the place they grew up– just like all of you! Your challenge is to make your very own spider out of paper and build a way to make it balloon to its new home. After you’ve constructed your spider and parachute, send us a video explaining what materials you used and show us how it works!










Graduation Sign: We will be hosting a Virtual graduation celebration over Zoom tomorrow. In preparation, we invite you to make an *OPTIONAL* graduation sign to share with your friends! Add pictures, words of celebration (“Congratulations!,” “We did it!,”  “Happy Graduation Day,” etc.)


Tuesday June 2nd


**Sea Lion Compliment Party and Virtual Graduation (to include those who cannot make our drive-by graduation!)**


Zoom Virtual Graduation Celebration, 9:00am

Meeting ID: 896 4709 6333

Password: 423922


Virtual Graduation: 



Compliment Party:

Please refer back to our email regarding your child’s SURPRISE social distance visit from the Sea Lion Teachers. Each student will be given a window of time to celebrate their accomplishments from the school year and have a dance party to their favorite song!


Wednesday June 3rd

9:00 am
Special Music Zoom with Mr. Lane
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 875 1319 9546
Password: 213867

**Sea Lion Graduation Day**

On Wednesday, June 3 the Upper School staff will be waiting outside Calvary to congratulate each child as he or she drives through our graduation parade. Each class will have a designated time to “parade” through the white zone as the teachers present them with their portfolios and diplomas.  The schedule is as follows:

11:00 – 11:30 – Sea Lions

All parents are asked to please place their name plaques on their dashboard so the staff can see which child is approaching. In order to help this event run smoothly, we ask that parents only enter the white zone at your child’s class designated time. If the white zone is full please circle.

We are all excited about celebrating our graduates and making the most of this end of year event!

Art Video with Mrs. Smith: