Hello Shark Parents,

Hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend, a time to rest and play.

It was really wonderful to have school feel feel somewhat back to normal this past week.  Our daily routines picked up again, we were able to play on the roof each day, and there was an underlying sense of relief amongst children and teachers.

Parents, I am in the process of writing your children’s progress reports.  I look forward to you receiving them shortly.  Because of the time still needed to complete them, I am going to keep this blog post very brief.

A highlight from this past week was having Firefighter Patty come and share with us.  The Sharks were in their glory!  We learned a great deal about fire safety, and the children got the opportunity to ask lots of questions and have them be answered by a real firefighter.  Too, we had hoped that we could climb on their truck outside, but there was an actual fire emergency just as they were pulling up to Calvary.  We got downstairs and, as soon as we did, about three or four firetrucks went blaring by.  The children understood, and the loud sirens and fast speed of the trucks going by did put on quite a show.


One more something, on a different note, I have a request.  Since the beginning of school, a favorite spot for many of the Sharks to work and play during Choice Time has been the block area.  Just recently, I have begun putting recycled materials on a table in our classroom space to see if children were interested in building with such things as cardboard, tape, and other items.  Wow, they have really taken to it. The children have been busy making and creating boats, forts, kites, trucks, and much more, from simple materials.  I would like to ask, if you should have materials that you are recycling, or wanting to getting rid of, please donate them to our class.  It could be anything from small berry cartons/baskets, paper towel rolls, to pieces of wood.  It just needs to be clean and safe to work with (i.e. sharp edges), and we will put it to use creating our ideas!  Thanks so much!

Have a wonderful weekend!